Luciana Del Vecchio, October 3, 2019

“I have been a patient since 2005 and have witnessed three occasions where Dr. Paquet[, chiropractor, D.C.] and his staff have proven how chiropractic care is an essential part of healthy living.

My boyfriend (now my husband) in 2005 mentioned how he had daily migraines and needed to go see his Chiro for an adjustment.

At the time, I didn’t know what that meant.  Curious to see what it was all about, I went with my boyfriend to the clinic. 

Little did I know that one adjustment would rapidly relieve the pain.  I asked all the questions about the adjustments, which Dr. Paquet patiently answered, but was not yet convinced that I needed this as part of my well-being.

A few weeks later, my dad complained of seeing spots.  He went for a brain scan, and found nothing.   My boyfriend suggested to my dad that he should go consult Dr. Paquet, and my dad called the clinic.   A few days later during our family dinner, my dad mentioned that his spots were due to the fact that he needed to be adjusted.  My dad became one of Dr. Pascal’s patients as well, and saw him every 2 weeks.  The spots were gone!

I became a patient in the weeks to follow, as my poor posture over the years had changed the shape of my spine, and I needed to address it.

My visits are twice a month, and since then I have been seeing an improvement in my overall health.  It even helps me manage my stress.

This next event really left an impact.

A few years later, 2 year old son became constipated.  We mentioned it to Dr. Paquet during one of my appointments.  He asked me if my son fell recently.  I answered yes (he was a toddler at the time).  Dr. Paquet[, chiropractor, D.C.] adjusted my son, and bam, 15 minutes later, my son was no longer constipated.

These are only a few examples of many.

Thank you, Dr. Paquet. 
You and your staff are truly amazing!

Mélissa Williams, August 14, 2013

How long have you been patient at the clinic? : “< 1 year”

Initial condition: “I had rectly moved to Montreal from the US. I needed to find a new office to continue my chiropratic care. I was very sore and had headaches due to the lapse in adjustments.”

Has your initial condition improved? Explain: “I was recommanded to Dr. Paquet by my husband’s friend. He contacted my chiropractor in the US and got my history and information. I’ve been happily seeing Dr Paquet and feel great. I don’t have to deal with headaches or sore back. My back and joints move freedly without pain with his help. I’ve been a client less than a year, but I hope I am for many years to come. If anyone asks me who I recomend, it’s Clinique Solution Santé [Chiropratique inc.]!”