Melynda Donais, Chiropractic assistant, C.A.


Melynda Donais, chiropractic assistant, C.A.


Ms. Donais holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration (2010). She started her studies by completing a college diploma in human resources (2004). Then, she carried on by completing a second college diploma in commercial business administration (2007). During her studies, she worked for five years as a receptionist and stylist in an optician’s office. Thereafter, she worked two years in a dental clinic, first as a secretary, but then, less than three months into that job, she was promoted to administrative assistant. She has developed valuable healthcare experience and expertise in management. Since her arrival at Clinique Solution Santé Chiropratique inc, she has continued to acquire skills and knowledge by taking part in several trainings with Dr. Brunelle, chiropractor, DC and Dr. Paquet, chiropractor, DC as well as various seminars including those of the BB’s of Quebec, the renowned Parker in 2013 and the Integration of mechanical spinal distraction in the clinic of DJO Global in 2014 .

Her chiropractic history

After a car accident, she was diagnosed with a cervical-thoracic-lumbar sprain, which means neck, shoulder and back pain. Her condition restricted her from standing for long periods of time, despite that being a requirement for her job. This meant that normal tasks, like carrying grocery bags, would cause her real pain. At last, a friend told her about chiropractic medicine. Even though specialists discouraged it, and her family told her horror stories about it, she gave it a shot. Only a few treatments were necessary for her to experience a real difference. As a patient, she fell in love with the staff to such an extent that she joined her ranks a year later. Chiropractic is more than just treatment, it’s a lifestyle and overall wellness.

Her job at the Clinique Solution Santé Chiropratique inc.

Since 2013, she works alongside Dr. Pascal Paquet, chiropractor, D.C. At the beginning, she was the pillar of the amazing customer service the patients recive at the clinic. Today, she works behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the clinic. She handles administrative tasks, accounting, writing health letters, the website, social media and various marketing projects. On occasion, she is helping Dr. Paquet, chiropractor, D.C. performing various tasks allowing him to focus on his patients.

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