Top 5 Chiropratic Myths busted

Top 5 Chiropratic Myths busted

Myth #5 : Chiropractors are not rela doctors

Fact : Doctors of Chiropratic complere 4-5 year post graduate program that is similar to the training medical doctors receive. The classroom hours outnumber those of medical schools.

Myth #4 : Chiropraic is too expensive 

Fact : Studies show that compared to medical care, chropratic is actually more cost-effective. The average cost per visit is $65.

Myth #3 : Chiropractors only treat back pain

Fact : In addition to adjustments, chiropractors also overal health. Chiropractors help patients with nutrition exercese, and healthy habits.

Myth #2 : Chiropractic adjustents hurt

Fact : Most times a spinal adjustment itself will not hurt at all. Some patients actually feel a sense of relief.

Myth #1 : Chiropratic care won’t work for me

Fact : Everyone can benefit from Chiropratic care. Chiropratic care allows the body to better heal itself.

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